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HTML - anchor Tag ...

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HTML: anchor  Tag <a> .......</a>

anchor tag

this tag use to link web address in text , when user click this link ,it will navigate in your browser open at the same page or in you tab or pop in new window browser according to attribute uses to define link navigate when user click on it.anchor tag known as hyper link it be image or group of words text when move mouse over it the cursor  change to be look like hand ,when you click will navigate to new document or page or downloadable file will browse.By default,the colours of hyper link will appear in this way.

An unvisited link is underlined and blue.
A visited link is underlined and purple.
An active link is underlined and red.

here the syntax:

<a  href="URL"> Text Link here </a >

URL: Is link that will open or will navigate to mention previously may be,new page or file will open in your browser as pdf  files or downloadable file.

<a href=""Visit Gaza Dreams!</a

Attribute id:

this attribute use to create bookmark inside the page. this mean navigate to link inside the page, imaging you have long article and users slide down at the page and he want to scroll up this make scrolling up slowly,or he want to read article from the first to review something is important so you can bookmaker mark to navigate directly to it where we use id.
in this page i bookmark anchor tag it,s up, so first i made bookmark like this 
<a  id="bookmarkinsidepage">anchor tag</a>

Here the link will navigate to bookmark to top at anchor tag Visit anchor tag Section .

<a href="#bookmarkinsidepage"&gt  Visit anchor tag Section</a&gt

here if you want to navigate from out side to bookmark in page.
<a href=""&gtVisit anchor tag Section</a&gt

Anatomy of Hyperlink - anchor tag


In the above illustration, the "<a" tag indicates the start of a link. Link tags can contain images, text, or other objects, all of which provide a clickable area on the page that users can engage to move to another page. This is the original navigational element of the Internet - "hyperlinks". The link referral location tells the browser (and the search engines) where the link points to. In this example, the URL is referenced. Next, the visible portion of the link for visitors, called "anchor text" in the SEO world, describes the page the link points to. The page pointed to is about custom belts, made by my friend from Washington D.C., Jon Wye, so I've used the anchor text "Jon Wye's Custom Designed Belts". The < a> tag closes the link, so that elements later on in the page will not have the link attribute applied to them.
This is the most basic format of a link - and it is eminently understandable to the search engines. The spiders know that they should add this link to the engines' link graph of the web, use it to calculate query-independent variables (like Google's PageRank), and follow it to index the contents of the referenced page.

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